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A simple Web App to write, publish and draft Articles. This project was a 1-day assignment which helped me get hired in a startup as an intern at a startup. ## How to use? 1. Clone the repo. 2. Run `npm ci`. 3. Run `npm start` ## Live Preview Follow the [link]( for live preview

How it works

  1. React-quill is used to for the rich text editor.
  2. React-redux is used to manage the state.
  3. Posts are stored in localstorage of the browser.


  1. This web app provides you with a rich text editor to write articles.
  2. You can publish your articles using the publish button below the editor.
  3. Or you can save it as a Draft.
  4. You can view your published posts by accessing the Uploaded Tab from the navigation menu.
  5. You can view your drafts by accessing the Drafts Tab from the navigation menu.

Features not implemented yet

  1. The Web App doesn't have the feature of Editing the Draft yet.
  2. Options Menu doesn't work currently.

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