This is a curated list of all my projects sorted according to the date published. Latest ones are on top of the list.

These are some of the stuff I have done over the years.

MeTrack - A collaborative learning platform

MeTrack provides hand-picked YouTube courses, real-time discussions, sharing projects, and getting feedback on them. We believe in Build-in public and Proof of Work.

Multipurpose Portfolio Webapp

This is a portfolio website built for a Bollywood editor and director. Inbuilt with many features, this website provides professional information about the individual and presents a showcase of their work. The technology used are next js and tailwindcss.

Markdown Editor - edit and preview markdown

A responsive markdown editor and previewer from scratch using React components and TailwindCSS.

Article Editor and Publisher

A simple Web App to write, publish and draft Articles. This project was a 1-day assignment which helped me get hired in a startup as an intern at a startup back in 2021.