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Hey, I'm Amit Kumar and I build modern aesthetic webapps and websites

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Who is Amit?

Hii, I am a 19 y/o Full Stack Web Developer, Web Designer and an aspiring SWE.

I specialize in JavaScript and have professional experience working with React, Next JS, node, express React Native and Django. I've developed few real-world webapps and websites primarily with Next JS, Tailwind CSS, Node and Firebase as part of freelance projects and an internship. Currently, I'm exploring React Native for mobile app development.

I am a hobbyist designer as well with a solid understanding of Design Fundamentals and Presentation Skills (matters a lot!). Also, I write articles on Hashnode and answers on Stackoverflow.


Featured Projects

Multipurpose Portfolio Webapp


This is a portfolio website built for a Bollywood editor and director. Inbuilt with many features, this website provides professional information about the individual and presents a showcase of their work. The technology used are next js and tailwindcss.

CRUD Portfolio Website

Portfolio | Freelance Project

Developed a portfolio website in Next.js and Firebase with CRUD functionalities. The portfolio includes inbuilt newsletter box and admin panel to view the messages received from the visitors. This was my first freelance project back in May 2021.

Fake Tweet Generator

Tweet Generator

fake tweet generator

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