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I build modern webapps and websites using various Web Technologies. Need a Website or Webapp?

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An Introduction

Hey, I am a 19 y/o freelance Web Developer who loves to code, design and write online. I started to write code in March 2020 out of curiosity. I took it as a career choice five months down the road, eventually started freelancing as a Web Developer.

Recently, I've won Hashnode-Linode Hackathon by building MeTrack, a collaborative learning platform. I am a hobbyist designer as well with a solid understanding of Design Fundamentals and Presentation Skills (matters a lot!). Also, I write articles on Hashnode and answers on Stackoverflow.









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MeTrack - A collaborative learning platform

MeTrack provides hand-picked YouTube courses, real-time discussions, sharing projects, and getting feedback on them. We believe in Build-in public and Proof of Work.

Multipurpose Portfolio Webapp

This is a portfolio website built for a Bollywood editor and director. Inbuilt with many features, this website provides professional information about the individual and presents a showcase of their work. The technology used are next js and tailwindcss.

Markdown Editor - edit and preview markdown

A responsive markdown editor and previewer from scratch using React components and TailwindCSS.

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Cool Personal Websites

I build aesthetically pleasing websites using Nextjs and TailwindCSS

Idea to Business

Let me help you in turning your idea into a functional business

Webapps with MERN Stack

I build webapps with Reactjs, Nextjs, Nodejs and Nestjs.

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